Waterfront Property For Sale in Fort Lauderdale Florida: Essential Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

August 14, 2021

Are you planning on purchasing a waterfront property for sale in Fort Lauderdale? That’s great news! But before you take the next step, make sure you think about these things related to Waterfront Property For Sale in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Fort Lauderdale real estate will offer you beautiful waterfront living on Harbor Beach, Nurmi Drive, and Pelican Drive among other choices. However, it’s important to be prepared for anything – even if what you have expected doesn’t happen.

When buying waterfront houses, many Fort Lauderdale homeowners are disappointed to find that their land ends before the water or they’re not allowed to make necessary changes. In order to eliminate questions and provide peace of mind for those who purchased the house, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions.

So, whether you are looking for Harbor Beach homes for sale or beach houses in others parts of Ft. Lauderdale (depending on your needs), by asking these questions BEFORE you make a decision on buying one—you will get not just affordable and perfect homes, but relief that you have made the right choice!

You may have seen plenty of waterfront property for sale in Fort Lauderdale Florida, but are you prepared to ask all the right questions?

Does the property line extend to water?

The most common issue often faced by homeowners of waterfront homes in Fort Lauderdale is that they do not own water access. To avoid these issues from occurring, you will have to ensure that the property you are buying is exactly what you have envisioned. It is important to visit the property with your realtor in Fort Lauderdale and ask questions like “Would the property that extends to water be mine?”, if not, “who is the owner of that property?”, “Will I be able to go there?”, and more.

What are the rules and regulations of the Home Owners Associations?

Some homeowners’ associations are more lenient with the regulations they impose on their residents, while others tend to be stricter.

In your hunt for Fort Lauderdale beach houses for sale, you are likely to encounter rules set by the neighborhood governance organization (HOA) on the use of boats, structural improvements such as decks, fences or walls.

This is why it is important to be aware of the HOA rules the proposed waterfront home. It will save you from buying a property with rules which don’t match your idea of happy living.

Are you familiar with the community of the waterfront property for sale in Fort Lauderdale Florida you are considering?

When looking for Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes for sale, your local real estate agent may know many of the homeowners in the community and can set up a meet-and-greet or informal meeting.

The neighbors might also be able to offer insight on HOA rules, such as if you can use the beach area near their property or if there are limitations for renters in this neighborhood versus people who own homes here. These can be invaluable in making your decision to purchase a property.

What type of insurance coverage should you buy?

Waterfront homes are more likely to be damaged by floods, hurricanes, and other disasters because of their close proximity to the water. For this reason, it’s important to find out what types of insurance are available which work well with waterfront property. A Fort Lauderdale realtor can give you in-depth knowledge about the sorts of coverage that will best match your needs.

Final thoughts:

We’re here to clear some of the confusion around buying a home in one of the many Fort Lauderdale waterfront neighborhoods. A top local realtor can make all the difference when searching for waterfront homes in Fort Lauderdale or Fort Lauderdale homes for sale with pool. The Sherman Luxury Group has you covered with answers to any questions you might have about listing, price, or process!

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