Harbor Beach Real Estate Fort Lauderdale

February 27, 2022
Harbor Beach Real Estate
Harbor Beach Real Estate For Sale

About Harbor Beach Real Estate Fort Lauderdale

Harbor Beach, one of Fort Lauderdale’s most exclusive communities, is on the city’s southern barrier islands and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west, with A1A running through its heart. Harbor Beach Real Estate Fort Lauderdale is next to one of South Florida’s most popular beach destination. The Las Olas Isles, Lauderdale Harbors, and Rio Vista are other close, well-known communities.

Harbor Beach is a gated community in Fort Lauderdale comprising a little less than 400 homes ranging from magnificent multi-million-dollar waterfront estates to beautiful dry lot properties. Homes in this community feature a range of Mediterranean, traditional, and modern architectural features. The salt water borders many homes, making them ideal for anyone looking for their own private dockage with direct, unblocked access to the sea for large yachts.

Harbor Beach, a private beach community with its own beach club and marina, as well as private security, lends an exclusive and resort-style feel to the neighborhood. Minutes away, the famous Las Olas Boulevard boasts a variety of high-end stores, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. Harbor Beach is conveniently next to downtown Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District and within a short distance to the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Sherman Luxury Group can help you with your next house purchase in Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Check out our current Harbor Beach homes for sale.

Why Buy a Home in Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale?

The lively community of Harbor Beach is unquestionably vibrant and tropical. In terms of real estate, Harbor Beach is known for having structures with a variety of architectural styles, including traditional Florida homes, inspired European villas, and contemporary costal designs. Many of the properties sit on deep water canals with unobstructed Port Everglades and Atlantic ocean access. Many docks can accommodate from luxury yachts to center consoles. Several homes in the area come with a guest house that their crew can stay in. Harbor Beach is the ideal location for anybody who loves boating and enjoys going out on the open seas.

At Sherman Luxury Group, we’re committed to assisting each customer in finding the house of their dreams. We feel certain that if you contact us to ask about Harbor Beach real estate, you will discover a property that is ideal for you!

Local Activities in Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale

Residents of Harbor Beach in Florida, who are seeking entertainment, adventure, leisure, and fine and casual dining, will find a wealth of things to do and see with the ultimate convenience. If you want to go golfing any time of the year, all you have to do is pack up your gear and drive 10 minutes to the nearest course.

Harbor Beach’s Marine Activities

Unlike other areas of South Florida and the Florida Keys, the waters off of Fort Lauderdale get deep quickly. This leads to excellent sportfishing or lobstering within few miles of the inlet. Swimmers, surfers, scuba divers and boaters can now go sailing without a fixed bridge, delaying your access to the warm waters of the ocean. Yachters can easily travel to the Keys, Dry Tortugas or Bahamas with no impediments. Paddle boarding, kayaking, kite boarding, swimming are some of the other leisure marine activities Harbor Beach residents can enjoy year round. You may go sailing at the intracoastal or even have a picnic on your boat on the sandbar with family, friends, or visitors.

No matter what you desire, one of our Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale properties will have everything you require.

Our team of the finest Harbor Beach real estate agents is pleased to extend a warm welcome, and a virtual real estate introduction, to you, South Florida’s newest resident! We’re excited to open the door to your Florida luxury home. Get in touch with one of our real estate professionals immediately!

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