Luxury Condos in Fort Lauderdale: A Buyer’s Guide to Living the Dream

January 7, 2022

Looking for real estate in a tropical paradise? Try living in a waterfront condo or one of the many newly built luxury condos in Fort Lauderdale! For many years, real estate business thrived in Florida and the best realtors in Fort Lauderdale will make it happen for you too.

Fort Lauderdale high-end condominiums have experienced a surge in demand because of their proximity to social activities. To attract more buyers for the condominiums, multiple features, as well as luxury amenities, have been seeing a tremendous rise in their popularity.

Why search for real estate property in Fort Lauderdale? First, Florida is a favorite holiday destination and many people choose to spend their vacations there every year. The weather attracts real estate investors from all over the world. Combine this with the fact that real estate investments flourish here, especially waterfront real estate properties, and you have a recipe for high demand.

Fort Lauderdale Luxury Condo For Sale with Pool

Fort Lauderdale Luxury Condo For Sale with Pool

Also, you need to keep in mind that luxury is entirely relative. This implies that people love certain luxuries in different ways. For instance, rooftop swimming people could be top-rated by one individual and not the same by the other. On interviewing one of the realtors in Fort Lauderdale, it is seen that necessary experience is important to know about Fort Lauderdale based condos for sale with pool and outdoor space. Because the competition for Fort Lauderdale based waterfront condos for sale in Florida is fierce, you’ll need someone who has dealt with similar situations before. I mention below some features buyers should look at that before buying-

Features to look for before buying Luxury Condos-

Whether buying a condominium is a smart investment may only be determined once you’ve investigated all of your options. Not just for individuals, but also for businesses, there are several reasons to buy condos:

● Tax savings in Florida

● A convenient place to host out-of-town guests

● For hosting employees when they visit a city

The features that they offer are innumerable which the developers mostly advertise in their luxury condos. The following is a checklist for the features-

Convenient Location of Luxury Condos in Fort Lauderdale-

For any real estate investment, location is considered an effective and most important aspect. When we talk about the location of the condos, it should be in an ideal place that has proximity to social amenities, shopping facilities, etc. as well as adequate transportation. Some condos feature shopping facilities within the building or complex. Oceanfront condos in Fort Lauderdale tend be in greatest demand.

When the location you get is as desired, selling luxury condos becomes easier as the buyers would also look for a similar atmosphere.

Sufficient Space or Square Footage-

While buying a condo, the buyer should carefully weigh the square footage, irrespective of buying it in the centre of the city or out in suburbs. Just as you used to have a storage shed in your homes, you could not find that in condos. Also, you will need ample space if you plan to have a home office. This additional space could be as either an extra bedroom or some dedicated space for a purpose. Also, keep in mind that the extra footage will cost you as well.

This is one of the main reasons that luxury condos are expensive.

Luxury Condo in Fort Lauderdale Storage Space-

For storing the stuff, sufficient storage space is required even in a luxury condo. Therefore, before buying a luxury condo, a thorough inspection is very necessary to make sure that there are storage spaces that are required for your needs. Other than this, you should also check for vast corridors, ample kitchen cabinets, and closets.

High-end Appliances-

You must know all of the luxury condos would not feature all the appliances that you want. But, it should be noted that the appliances they have should be at least upgraded. You should look for quality stainless steel ranges, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. Even the house fixtures should be such that they have a class while serving the purpose. For instance, the doors, lights, bathroom fixtures, and much more.

Parking Facilities at Luxury Condos in Fort Lauderdale-

When doing a condo investment, parking is one of the top priorities to be considered. The buyers should look for adequate parking, be it within the complex or in a nearby dedicated structure. Also, for easiness, the parking slots should be well labelled and assigned to all the unitholders in the building.

Keeping in view the number of bedrooms in the unit, the parking slots are allotted on its basis. This means that a unit having three bedrooms will have more parking slots as compared to a unit having one bedroom.

The above mentioned are some features that you should consider while buying a luxury condo. For living spaces and investment purposes, luxury condos are a great option. Due diligence is extremely important to avoid any issues after buying the condos. For more information on the Fort Lauderdale based luxury condos, get in touch with experts at the Sherman Luxury Group, a team of real estate agents.

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