Three Benefits of Investing In Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Property

October 1, 2021

Fort Lauderdale waterfront property ownership often has one thing in common: It’s the winning result to a long-standing goal. They often ask us how waterfront property ownership compares to other kinds of residential investments?

We know from experience that luxury waterfront properties, under the right conditions, can be a more helpful purchase.

Three upsides of Fort Lauderdale waterfront properties

Waterfront property has the potential to be a better investment. Because of high demand and limited supply, waterfront property is more likely to:

Appreciate more

The appreciation rate is more steady. Waterfront properties rarely depreciate. When you decide to sell, you are likely to enjoy a good return on investment.

Hold value better during market downturns

Waterfront homes are often cited as “recession-resistant” because the property will usually grow in value and can be less prone to market downturns than nearby landlocked equivalents.

Fort Lauderdale waterfront property sells faster

When you are selling a waterfront home, you are selling more than a structure. You are selling the lifestyle that goes along with it. In a market where the location and the lifestyle are of high value, waterfront properties can sell faster.

The advantages of waterfront properties

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Property

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Property

Whether you decide to live in it, visit it seasonally, or use it for rental income, waterfront properties provide many advantages.

Scarcity = Security

You can put a new street just about anywhere, but you can’t add more water or waterfront. With property investments, waterfront property is a scarce commodity.

Vacation rental appeal

Rentals on a body of water draw a higher rental price and may have more consistent tenants. The avid boater’s dream is to be able to walk out the door of their home and right up to a private dock where their vessel is anchored. Sailing access only increases value.

Permanent views

A waterfront property located right on the water’s edge has almost no chance of additional construction reducing the views. When a property is directly on the water, those sought-after views aren’t going anywhere.

A legacy property

Some buyers invest in waterfront property intending to make it a home for current and future generations of the family to enjoy. Having a family waterfront home can be a dream vacation getaway and long-term homestead for many to gather.

Fort Lauderdale waterfront property checks all the boxes

While not all waterfront properties are created equal, luxury waterfront properties in Fort Lauderdale check all the boxes. Our coveted neighborhoods with waterfront properties offer residents the convenience of suburban life, all set against the beauty of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches and waterways.

You’ll find suburbs with a strong sense of community, including art and music festivals, fairs, and holiday happenings, as well as diverse restaurants, eclectic retail shops, and much more.

But before you dive into the market, make sure you have a South Florida luxury property expert in your corner.

If you haven’t talked to us yet about your real estate goals, let’s connect soon. We look forward to putting our exceptional market knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to customer service to work for you.

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